Construction Schedule

Remember in doing a record schedule for your project the durations can be used against you if the actual time took longer than the record scheduled time, unless you can justify an owner’s delays. The reason is if the owner delays you but you also took longer to perform an activity during the same time you have a concurrent delay and you get nothing Be careful.

History has taught us that when you have a sprinkler and fire alarm shutdown on an existing building, the odds are highly probable that the fire alarm system will trigger and people must vacate the building. Thus, we should schedule such shutdowns during off hours or notify the owner of such risk and let him be part of the decision.

Commissioning is timely and must be a milestone activity on your schedule.

Force Majeure relates to a delay to a project schedule not standard for the industry in another words if you have unusual acts of God, extreme weather for the time of season, hurricanes, wars, snow, intense temperatures, rain, etc that could not be anticipated as normal for the time of construction. In this case the contractor is entitled to an extension of time only no monies. Here is some verbiage that has been in some documents. If your project exceeded the normal number of days of inclement weather for such period as determined by employing a ten year average of accumulated record mean values from climatologically data complied by the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for the location closest to the Project Site.

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