Book 2




Section A. Owner’s Pre-construction Checklists

  1. Owner’s RFP for a Construction Management Relationship
  2. Checklist for Owner’s Evaluation of a General Contractor
  3. Checklist for Site Engineer’s Responsibilities
  4. Architect/Engineers/Consultant Contract Checklist
  5. Due Diligence Checklist: Governmental Approvals and Environmental Constraints
  6. Scope Review for Site Acquisition/Preparation for Right to Build
  7. Development Soft & Hard Cost Proforma for an Owner

Section B. Contractor’s Pre-construction Checklists

  1. Description of Construction Management Responsibilities with an Owner
  2. Items to be considered by Management before Contract Signing with an Owner
  3. Special Provisions for all Prime Contractors under a Construction Management Relationship
  4. Suggested Additional Supplemental General Conditions for Small and Large Projects
  5. Supplemental Conditions for Larger Private Projects
  6. Project Summary Checklist to an Owner when Responding to an R.F.P.
  7. Hospital Estimate Checklist for Soft and Hard Costs
  8. Series of Checklists to Review Before Entering into a Contract with an Owner
  9. Pre-Construction Review Points for Management for a Contract with an Owner
  10. Description of our Building Information Modeling (BIM) Approach

Section C. Estimating

  1. Project “Walk-through” Checklist for an Estimator
  2. Phone or E-Mail Bid Proposal Questionnaire
  3. Checklist to be reviewed before Estimating Submits Final Price
  4. List of Exclusions and Qualifications for a Final Estimate
  5. General Requirements Cost Designation Responsibilities Checklist
  6. Some Basic Value Savings Checklist
  7. Format for Project Assumption/Understanding
  8. Conceptual Estimate Format
  9. Construction Unit Cost Sheet Form
  10. Example of Open Book Detailed Estimate
  11. Checklists for Estimators

Section D. Administrative

  1. Project Closeout Evaluation
  2. Various Employee Job Descriptions
  3. Internal Vendor Watch List of Poor Performance
  4. Master Subcontracting Plan for a General Contractor Required By an Owner
  5. Subcontractor Incentive Program
  6. Operations Project Manager’s Interim Project Status Report Form
  7. Subcontract Agreement – Standard Form for a Construction Manager
  8. Subcontract Agreement – Short Form for Contractor
  9. Subcontract Agreement – Standard Form for a General Contractor
  10. Subcontract Agreement for Large Projects for a GC/CM
  11. Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises Program (MBE/WBE)
  12. Quality Control Plan
  13. Hand Book 
  14. Employee Evaluation Questionnaire
  15. Basic Checklist for Hiring a Project Manager
  16. Employee Absentee Report
  17. New Hire Offer and Benefits Package
  18. New Employee Procedures
  19. Project Manager Meeting Attendance Sheet
  20. Superintendent Meeting Attendance Sheet
  21. Misc. Labor/Carpenter’s Project Locations and Schedules
  22. Independent Contractor Agreement
  23. Corporate Consideration Relating to Advancement & the Bonus Program 
  24. Owner’s Request for Bond/Surety Information
  25. Claim Letter to Surety
  26. Letter to Customer Verifying Bonding Limits of Subcontractors
  27. Understanding Your Bonding Companies
  28. Understanding Experience Modification Rating (EMR)
  29. Policy for Lien Releases for “Bonded Projects” 
  30. “Lien Release Precaution”
  31. Lien Release Partial
  32. General Lien Release Form
  33. NY State “Prompt Payment Act”
  34. Requirements for Mechanic’s Lien in NY and Prompt Payment Law in NJ and NY
  35. Design Build Relationship between General Contractor and Designers
  36. Sample “Project Labor Agreement”
  37. Joint Venture Agreement
  38. Joint Venture Checklist of Responsibilities for the Venture
  39. Financial Services and Operations Agreement
  40. Sample of a Hold Harmless Clause used in a Certificate for Insurance Requirements
  41. Self Employed Contractor Insurance
  42. Explanation to Owners about Change Order Procedures
  43. Purchase Order and Certificate of Insurance Log
  44. Standard Purchase Order Form with Protective Terms and Conditions
  45. Letter for Failure of Payment by Owner and Notice to Stop Work
  46. Explanation to Owners about Billing Procedures
  47. Construction Manager’s Billing Format to Customers
  48. Summary Form for Addressing Delinquencies of Old Receivables
  49. Project Contract Status Report Form from Accounting
  50. Clean Irrevocable Letter of Credit
  51. Expiration Schedule for Prequalification Contracts with Customers
  52. Termination Agreement & Mutual Release
  53. Quantum Meruit

Section E. Sales

  1. Checklist for Interviewing with a Prospective Client
  2. Description of Construction Management Pre-Construction Services
  3. Construction Management Introduction Sales Letter
  4. User Friendly Construction Management Clarification Letter
  5. Simple Explanation of a Construction Manager vs. General Contractor Relationship with an Owner
  6. Design/Build Proposal Letter
  7. Sequential Design/Build Letter
  8. General Contractor Introduction Letter
  9. Green Building Letter to an Owner
  10. Value Savings Proposal
  11. New Customer Follow-up Letter
  12. Sales Tracking Report
  13. Agenda Format for Sales Meetings
  14. 3′ Rule
  15. 50% Rule
  16. Customer Commitment
  17. Form for Annual Budget Travel & Entertainment Expenses
  18. “When is it Who You Know??”
  19. Review List Before we Bid a Project or Enter a Joint Venture
  20. Bid Follow-up Log

Section F. Safety

  1. Corporate Safety Manual
  2. HAZCOM Manual
  3. Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan

Section G. Motivation

  1. Company Core Values
  2. At Times I’ve Thought
  3. You Must Have Value
  4. Things to Think About
  5. The 40 Point Test
  6. Company Philosophy
  7. Your Journey to Success
  8. Six Phases of a Construction Project!