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Whether you’re new to construction, a veteran business owner or a corporate building decision maker — this information is an essential resource that will pay for itself many times over.

Ultimate Construction Checklist is not just a complete instruction handbook for any construction project, but it also includes an array of checklists, disciplines and forms to support the “serious” people in the construction industry.

Add the hardcover version to your business library and remind yourself to keep looking for ways to change the way you do business!

Congratulations on your decision to order this book. I am certain you will appreciate its value and I welcome your feedback. Good luck and much success,

Terry Allerton



$85 ..Book One (Disc Only)
$99 ..Book One (Hardcover Book)
$135 ..Book One (Hardcover Book and Disc)
$610 ..Book Two (Disc Only)
$710 ..Book Two (Hardcover Book)
$800 ..Book Two & CD (Hardcover Book and Disc)
$795 ..CD set- includes Books One and Two (Discs only)
$895 ..Complete Set – includes Books One and Two and Both Discs

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