Book 1




Section A. Project Manager and Superintendent Information

  1. Disciplines for Project Managers
  2. Disciplines for Superintendents
  3. Out-of-Ground Superintendent Responsibilities Checklist
  4. Checklist for Project Kick-Off with Estimating
  5. Basic Review List for the Project Manager Before Construction Begins
  6. Project Manager Forms for Operations to use and Review with an Owner as a Construction Manager 
  7. “DIDD” Formula
  8. “No Damage for Delay Clause” Violation
  9. Procedures for Coordinating Mechanical and Electrical Ceiling Work
  10. Guidelines for Working in a Hospital
  11. Discharging a Mechanics Lien
  12. What is FF and FL 
  13. Project Productivity Information
  14. Change Order Estimate Form
  15. Field Termination Report
  16. Daily Construction Field Report
  17. Arbitration Cost Example
  18. Requirements for Mechanic’s Lien in NY and Prompt Payment Law in NJ and NY
  19. Mileage Reimbursement Form 
  20. Site Safety Inspection Checklist
  21. Fire Watch Log
  22. Field Checklist for Rock Removal
  23. Elevator Checklist for use in the Field
  24. HAZ-Com Procedures
  25. Accident Report Procedures
  26. Quantum Meruit
  27. Hot Work Permit
  28. Severe Weather & Hurricane Safery Preparedness Project Checklist 

Section B. Project Scheduling

  1. Guidelines for Formatting a Schedule
  2. Sample Out of the Ground Project Schedule
  3. Sample Interior Fit-Up Project Schedule
  4. Tips to get A Project Back on Schedule
  5. Look Ahead Schedule

Section C. Project Procurement

  1. Subcontractor/Vendor Pre-qualification and Credit Information
  2. Letter of Pre-Qualified Subcontractors sent to Owner for Approval
  3. Pre Bid Checklist for Trade Contractors as a CM or a GC
  4. Alternative Cost Saving Ideas on an RFP for Owners & Construction Managers
  5. Letter to Solicit Quotes from Minority and Women Subcontractors
  6. Subcontractor Basic Scope Checklists & Leveling Comparison Form
  7. Review Sheet before Committing to Any Trade Contractor
  8. Trade Contractor’s ‘Leveling’ Spreadsheet
  9. Construction Manager Letter to the Owner to award a Trade Contract
  10. Contract Cover Letter to Accompany the Subcontract Being Sent
  11. Letter to Subcontractors Who Were Not Awarded Contracts
  12. Letter of Intent to Trade Contractor 
  13. Subcontractor Procurement Checklist for Internal Controls
  14. Procedures for Internal Processing of a Contract
  15. Project Manager’s Procurement Goals for a Project
  16. Sales Tax Information and Policy
  17. Speed Check Request Form
  18. General Construction Cost Codes
  19. Procurement Procedures as a Construction Manager for an Owner
  20. Union and Merit Shop Contract Labor Verbiage
  21. Guidelines for Establishing Milestones & Project Scope for Trade Contractors
  22. Checklist for Temporary Heat
  23. Certificate of Insurance vs Read the Policy
  24. Self Employed Contractor Insurance

Section D. Project Meeting Disciplines

  1. Procedures for Project Coordination Meetings
  2. Project Success Formula S2RC2
  3. Sample of a Project Meeting Minutes
  4. Cell Phone Conduct

Section E. Project Manager’s Form Letters for Time Saving and Better Controls

  1. Letter for Clarification of Design Responsibilities with an Owner
  2. Letter of Default and Termination
  3. Notice of Differing Site Conditions
  4. Notice to Cure Letter
  5. Over-Inspection Letter
  6. Agreement for Storage of Material
  7. Initiating a Claim Letter to the Owner
  8. Reservation of Rights
  9. Letter to Surety Regarding Subcontractor’s “Poor Performance”
  10. Letter Rejecting Subcontractor’s Change Order Request
  11. Additional Work Authorization
  12. Change Order Request Form
  13. Verbal Direction Letter
  14. Notice to Field Personal for Non-Performance
  15. Letter to Clarify the Use of a Schedule or Milestone Approach
  16. Form Letter to a Contractor who has become Difficult or Refuses to perform his Contract Obligations
  17. Closing Paragraph for Protection when Negotiating a Dispute 
  18. New Jersey State Letter to Owner for Delinquent Invoices
  19. New York State Letter to Owner for Delinquent Invoices in Excess of $150,000
  20. How to Avoid Stop Work Orders: Top 10 Common Violations
  21. Project Manager’s Evaluation Form for Poor Performance by a Trade Contractor
  22. Laborer Evaluation Checklist
  23. Highlight Points to AIA A201-2007 General Conditions
  24. Letter to Sub who fraudulently signed a Lien Waiver
  25. Response to a position on “INTENT”, “CODE REQUIREMENTS”, and “ANTICIPATE THE WORK” by an Owner or Architect

Section F. Project Closeout

  1. Hydraulic Elevator Testing Procedures for Final Inspection
  2. Certificate of Occupancy Checklist
  3. Certificate of Substantial Completion
  4. Final Punch List Letter to Subcontractors
  5. Project Completion Package for Office Archives

Section G. New York City

  1. Guidelines for Getting a Building Permit in N.Y.C.
  2. Demolition Permit Checklist and Rules & Regulations Relating to Commencement for Demolition
  3. Foundation Approval Checklist
  4. Temporary Power Checklist
  5. New York City Inspection Checklist
  6. Some Basic Requirements for New York City High Rise Building Construction