About Terry

Terry’s certainly not a writer.

He’s not just a construction veteran.

Terry Allerton is the president of one of the fastest growing construction firms in the country. As president of the firm, he has been instrumental in taking the company to new levels of professionalism and success.

At the helm, Terry played a major part in growing the firm from a seven-million-dollar a year contracting firm with no bonding program to sales over one-hundred-and-fifty-million annually and a bonding program of one-hundred-million-dollars.

Terry learned a lot over the years, and as he reflected on his mistakes it really made no sense that he or anyone else needed to go down that road! So, Terry decided someone should document his domain knowledge to help others avoid the same mistakes, and standardize forms and checklists for contractors. He began accumulating information, recording and refining it and used it within his own organization. He then began to think about sharing his knowledge with others, educating them and their employees thus helping them build a better organization. He believes his Books would give those in the commercial construction business the information they need so not to make unnecessary errors. It is a Book of experience spanning his construction career and filled with knowledge and information that has come to him from working with colleagues and customers over his career.

Terry is sharing his knowledge and experience, and now it is up to you to use it, take your business or career to that next level of success. Order Ultimate Construction Checklist today!